About Us

BodyCraft? - The Frontrunner

BodyCraft? is a leading Firm in the design of fitness, wellness & lifestyle equipment for residences, fitness clubs, hotels, recreation centres, spas, rehabilitation centers, corporate gyms, private homes, universities, professional sports facilities and beyond.
The Firm was established in 1996 by Mr. Sunil Agrawal, Mr. Sandeep Vasaikar and Mr. Abhay Shah - founders and partners of BodyCraft? - with an objective to penetrate the unorganized sector of Indian fitness, wellness & lifestyle equipment market and cater to the needs of different segments of this industry with maximum thrust on the quality.
Our equipment, designed and manufactured in India, are used by over a lacs of people, and it won't be a wonder if you come across any of them at several locations around India. The proven quality and durability of all our models is what makes us the 'number one' choice for quality, fitness, wellness and lifestyle freaks and we are fully equipped in terms of infrastructure & resources to serve any requirement.

BodyCraft? - The Promise & Values

Simply to say that we design, manufacture and sell the world's most advanced fitness, wellness & lifestyle equipment would be to misrepresent the philosophy of our Firm. At BodyCraft? our philosophy and business practices are based upon a deep commitment to the concepts of fitness, wellness, lifestyle, innovation and social responsibility. These are the values that drive us.
Fitness, wellness & lifestyle are the reference points we hold to when designing every piece of equipment, creating every service and delaing with every customer.
We are fitness, wellness & lifestyle business partner to our business customers. Our customers are looking for ways to maximize attraction and retention. Nobody aspires to be the second best. Not us. Not you. Not your patrons. Our total fitness, wellness & lifestyle solutions consisting of integrated state-of-the-art equipment, workout management systems and customised services are tailored to respond to everyone's needs to be the BEST. We work closely with our customers to exceed the expectations of their own customers through engaging experiences. And the result of this commitment is the steady development of the fitness, wellness & lifestyle market for our mutual benefits.
For home users of our equipment, we are their fitness, wellness and lifestyle partner. The convenience of having a professional home gym, in which each piece of equipment is tailored to fit you and the gym itself, is invaluable for your fitness, wellness and lifestyle. Innovative design and technology, ergonomic biomechanics and renowned reliability of our fitness, wellness and lifestyle equipment together with our tailor-made training support solutions, help you enjoy a new fitness, wellness and lifestyle space in your own home.

BodyCraft? - The Advantage

Whether for your business or your home, you can depend on the eye-catching design, biomechanical excellence and innovation of our fitness, wellness and lifestyle equipment to support and promote healthy lifestyle choices. All these come with the highest quality, safety, durability, economy in the market today.